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On 18th May, ‘The Hook of Faith’ website celebrates its fifth birthday. It was launched on that day in 2018 by journalist Breda O’Brien and Bishop Denis Brennan in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy. Five years on, we look back with immense gratitude to God and to all our followers, for the gift of modern technology and the opportunity to enrich the lives of so many with the Good News of the Gospel and the message of hope that is so badly needed in our time.

The traffic on the website has grown over the years. A few weeks ago, the Hook of Faith recorded its highest ever number of visitors in one week from all over the world. It is extraordinary to think of the way the content of the platform can reach people across the globe with the click of a button. It is awesome to think that something shared might reach someone thousands of miles away and make a difference. The gift of modern technology that makes this possible gives new meaning to Christ’s command to ‘teach the Gospel to all nations’ (Matt. 28:19-20). Now, because of the internet, this is precisely what we can do, without leaving home.

‘The Hook of Faith’ platform is dedicated to adult faith formation – a need that was strongly identified in the synodal process in Ireland and was included in the final synthesis document. It is serviced by a small group here in the diocese of Ferns called ‘Ferns CAFÉ’ or ‘Ferns Catholic Adult Faith and Education’. In the words of our mission statement on the website, our goal continues to

“bring the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on all sectors of society in a way that offers life and meaning to everyone. We recognise the challenge of this task at a time in the Church that needs healing and hope. The mission of ‘The Hook of Faith’ is to digitally proclaim the Gospel in the Diocese of Ferns and beyond. Our hope is that the light that comes from our faith will reach a wide audience through this new age of digital media and will help transform lives through the joy of the Gospel”.

The ‘Hook of Faith’ website is a tool of evangelisation that belongs to the whole diocese of Ferns. With that in view, we would like to invite more people to contribute to the content of the website with articles, reflections, homilies and other material that is consistent with our mission statement. If you know of any websites or resources that we can link in with, then please let us know. If you would like to join our team of contributors then we would love to hear from you. If you would like to volunteer to write a series of homilies on the Sunday readings, then just drop an email to us at

We would like to say a special word of thanks to those who follow the website regularly. Thank you. If you are a frequent visitor then please share with us what you like about it. If there is something that needs improving then please make helpful suggestions about how that can be done.

As we begin a new chapter, we again invoke the prayers and intercession of the three patron saints of ‘The Hook of Faith’ – St Aidan, patron saint of our diocese here in Ferns, St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and St Therese of Lisieux, patron saint of the missions. May their prayers help ‘The Hook of Faith’ to keep throwing out the nets for a catch so that many will be reached with God’s saving love and mercy. Thank you and please pray for our mission.

With every peace and blessing,

Fr Billy Swan,

Editor, ‘The Hook of Faith’


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