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There are so much good work being done by people who believe in the sacredness of human life and yet give their time and energy to helping people in crisis pregnancies. GIANNA CARE is a charitable organisation that is 9 years in operation and who have helped over 1000 women in that time who had crisis pregnancies. Last September alone, they helped save 13 lives from abortion including one by abortion pill reversal. They have centers in Dublin, Galway, Kerry and Offaly. Here is a testimony from one of those women:

‘I came across Gianna care purely by chance having had four beautiful babies already and in panic finding out I was pregnant again. Gianna care offered so much more than just someone to talk to. They were humans not in any way intimidating but they put me at ease almost immediately. They helped me make the right decision in time. Nothing was too much trouble and they continue to do so for as long as I need’.

Apart from organizing free ultrasound scans for expectant mothers, Gianna Care provide reassurance about ongoing financial support for as long as is needed and practical help. They have and are providing around the clock emotional support to every woman who reaches out to them and their counsellors have also been providing professional counseling. They have a number of clients in very difficult financial situations or even in homeless accommodation. They are providing them with long term financial support every week. At the moment they are supporting 10 women financially every two weeks to help them afford nappies and food. They can't continue to do this without your help.

To contact Gianna Care, see their website link below:

To support the work of Gianna Care, please see their website at or you can send a cheque to Gianna Care, 46a Upper Dorset St Dublin 1

Or direct to AIB Main St., Tallaght

IBAN; IE 75AIBK93331756688120


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