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Fr Jim Cogley

While beginning to write some postings on the subject of happiness I feel that the term is misleading and we need to define what we mean by the word. The word suggests that happiness depends on something happening, some external event, achievement or encounter that is always quite elusive because it always seems to be in the future. Perhaps it would be more useful to think of happiness in terms of peace, contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction. We could even include a few more like meaning and purpose. ‘When will I ever be happy’ so many ask and the word immediately sets us off in the wrong direction - into the future. So we think of when we land the perfect job or meet that special someone or reach that particular goal then we will be happy. Yet in the words of Shakespeare we find, that ‘all things are with more spirit chased than enjoyed.’ No sooner have we reached one goal than another beckons, once again dangling the elusive carrot of happiness in front of our eyes.


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