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As we celebrate a different Christmas this year, we would like to extend warmest greetings to all our followers and friends and wish you a very happy Christmas.

The long shadow of COVID-19 continues to affect all our lives and will affect how we gather, pray and celebrate Christmas this year. In the words of Bishop Denis in his Christmas message: ‘From loss of life to absences at Christmas dinner tables, ticketed Masses to queues at stores, travel restrictions to circuit breakers – freedom of movement and basic liberties, livelihoods and forward planning – they have all been curtailed, hampered or withdrawn’.

This pandemic has changed the world dramatically, leaving us feeling more fragile, vulnerable and living with greater uncertainty. Yet, in the middle of all this uncertainty our hope is in the God who came to live in the middle of our uncertain world as ‘Emmanuel’ – the name which means, God is with us. He is with us as He promised and is born again into our uncertain world today. Bishop Denis urges us to ‘visit the crib in your home or in your local church and to consider its saving message…Above all this year we need the vaccine of hope as we await the real vaccine for this virus’.

‘The Hook of Faith’ remains committed to offer this message of hope on the digital highways which has become more important to people than ever, given the two lockdowns we have been through and as our opportunities to gather are limited.

To all our friends and followers at home and abroad, we wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Together we have walked the same road this year and with the support of everyone, we have faced the challenges together. We thank you for your faith and your witness to hope at a time when it is needed. Together we pray for each other and for the whole world as we begin 2021, hoping for a new beginning and a better year.

With every peace and blessing,

Fr Billy Swan,

The Hook of Faith.


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