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By Fr Jim Cogley

1. Living more in the present and not being caught up with mistakes or regrets of the past or problems and worries in regard to the future.

2. Generosity of spirit where I give out of gratitude and want to be of service.

3. Travelling light and not holding onto grudges and resentments.

4. Knowing that my life has a purpose and being open to the path of destiny.

5. Having a sense, not of what I can do for God, but of what He can do through me.

6. Having more compassion towards myself, and others.

7. Being more tolerant to others opinions and beliefs.

8. Placing courage before fear and extending my comfort zone.

9. Learning to judge behavior rather than persons.

10. Having a sense of belonging and feeling connected even when on my own.

11. Relating in the present, rather than reacting from the past.

12. Taking things with gratitude rather than for granted.

13. Letting go of all guilt and sense of never being good enough.

14. Having a healthy balance between love for myself and love for others.

15. Being able to see the bigger picture, even in the bad things that happen.

16. Taking responsibility for my actions. Fixing the problem rather than the blame.

17. An increased ability to go with the flow, and allowing things to be.


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