Fr Jim Cogley

The term kingdom of God, lies at the heart and center of Jesus’ message in word and deed. As part of a little nation under Roman rule Jesus bursts on the scene with a scandalous message: The time has come! Rethink everything! A radically new kind of empire is available - the kingdom of God has arrived! . . . Open your minds and hearts like children to see things freshly in this new way, follow me and my words, and enter this new way of living. At every point, the essence of his kingdom teaching subverts the ‘common sense’ of the Roman Empire and all its predecessors and successors: These are some of his essential teachings:

Don’t seek revenge when wronged, it will only destroy both you and the other person. Instead seek reconciliation. An eye for an eye is never the way forward.

Don’t repay violence with violence, but seek creative and transforming non-violent alternatives. To show kindness to an enemy will make them guilty whereas to show hostility is to make them feel justified.