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Dear friends. Our friends in the media have done a fantastic job highlighting the dire need of the Ukrainian people effected by the war. The spotlight on Ukraine has led to a massive mobilization of aid, offers of accommodation and help from around the world. This is good.

What is not so good is the way we can become distracted away from other issues and other groups whose lives are also a matter of life and death. One of those groups is unborn Irish.

When the Eighth amendment was repealed in 2018, a three-year review was promised to examine how the change in the law was working out in practice. After a delay, the time for that review is now. As part of this review, the public are being invited to submit their observations.

Tragically, very few of us have heard about this important review. For all who voted in the referendum in 2018, this is a time to see how your vote has changed things for good or for ill. For those who voted against repeal, it is a time once again to be a voice who have no voice and to point to the effects repeal is having, not least the large increase in the number of deaths – something that was predicted by pro-life people in the run up to the referendum.

The deadline for public submissions on the Abortion Review is 1st April.

You can find out how to make a submission by clicking the link below. Find your voice on this fundamental issue for our civilization. We simply can't just look the other way


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