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On Monday 6th May, the annual 'March for Life' will take place in Dublin, beginning at 2pm at St Stephen's Green. The focus of the march this year will be on the European and local elections and the need to support Pro-Life candidates to help address the soaring numbers of abortions in Ireland. Please see the video below.

Meanwhile, RTE has received intense criticism over its latest programme on abortion that was aired on 15th April. The programme was hopelessly biased and utterly failed to meet the responsibilities placed on RTÉ by Irish law, including the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022. The Pro Life Campaign has taken a complaint to RTÉ and is prepared to refer the complaint further to Coimisiún na Meán.

The concerns of pro-life citizens, who make up at least 1/3 of the electorate in 2018, were totally left out of the airing of RTÉ’s pro-abortion programme. Even many Yes voters would have found the incessant push for abortion which was implicit within RTÉ’s programme to be extremely distasteful. Of particular concern was the omission and misrepresentation of some of its interviewers, such as Dr Jonathan Lord who was described in the programme simply as a ‘consultant gynaecologist’, whilst no mention was made of his current role as Medical Director for MSI Reproductive Choices (one of the UK’s largest abortion advocate and provider organisations). Meanwhile, Veronica O’Keane was described simply as a ‘psychologist’, omitting the fact she played a prominent role on the Yes side in 2018 and was a committee member of the group Doctors for Choice. It would never be allowed to pass for a pro-life doctor to appear on an RTÉ programme speaking about abortion without the programme mentioning his/her background as a pro-life campaigner.

Because of the blatant bias exhibited by RTÉ in its programme aired on 15th April, all pro-life citizens are encouraged to bring pressure to bear on RTÉ by lodging a complaint with the broadcaster. The more complaints it receives, the more the pressure will mount on RTÉ. Its complaints procedure can be read here:


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