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Fr Jim Cogley

There can be times where find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma that may or may not be medically related. A doctor’s advice might be that if we go one way it could save our life but in so doing so it potentially might shorten it. Having to make a decision like this is agonizing for all concerned. In such cases it’s all too easy to overlook ‘the help that can come from above.’ Perhaps, after prayer, discussion and discernment, and taking the best professional advice into consideration, one option appears to be the best. Still, it carries a serious risk, and no one really can see around corners. A faith approach may be to make a provisional decision to proceed with the option that appears best and then to apply trust. In other words to feel ones way forward in faith, trusting that if it is the right option peace will follow and the way ahead will be smooth and uninterrupted. Let there be obstacles of one kind or another getting in the way, this might be an invitation to reconsider. In practice another third option, that was previously unknown, often appears unexpectedly and proves to be the right one.


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