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Fr Jim Cogley

Life is full of wonder and laden with opportunities to be amazed at the miracles that surround us daily. Waking up as the sun rises and our eyes still full of sleep we have no awareness that while we slept the earth continued to rotate at exactly the right speed of 67,000 miles an hour and exactly in the right direction guided by gravitational force. As this was happening the moon was busy moving trillions of tons of water across the planet to ensure that the tides were moving perfectly. The right amount of water was being moved at exactly the right speed by both the moon and the sun that are totally separate but perfectly synchronized to ensure harmony and balance. At the same time the moon is moving a little further away on its orbital journey than the sun and so ensuring that the tides are fifty minutes later each day. These are two cosmic entities that continue to work perfectly and in harmony. All day, every day a cosmic miracle takes place. Each night as we go to sleep we are implicitly exercising faith that this process will continue.


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