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‘St Charles Borromeo (1538-1584; Feast Day 4th November) made his whole youth a gift of love to Christ and to the Church, becoming an all-time giant of holiness…Dear young people, let yourselves be renewed by this appeal that I have very much at heart: God wants you to be holy, for he knows you in your depths and loves you with a love that exceeds all human understanding. God knows what is in your hearts and is waiting to see the marvellous gift he has planted within you blossom and bear fruit. Like St Charles, you too can make your youth an offering to Christ and to your brethren. Like him you can decide, in this season of life, “to put your stakes” on God and on the Gospel. Dear young people, you are not only the hope of the Church; you are already part of her present! And if you dare to believe in holiness you will be the greatest treasure of your Church which is founded on the Saints’.

Pope Benedict XVI, 1st November 2010, on the fourth centenary of the canonization of St Charles Borromeo.


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