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The Gospel for the Fifth Sunday of Lent is the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Here is a wonderful reflection by Peter Kreeft on the Gospel story.

‘Jesus showed his love for Lazarus by the shortest verse in the Bible – ‘Jesus wept’. What does God feel about our sufferings and death? Jesus shows us his love is totally human as well as divine. God is not indifferent to our pains. He feels every one of them. Jesus shows us God's tears. He showed his wisdom by waiting so that an even greater miracle could happen than the healing miracle Mary and Martha expected. He showed his power by conquering not just sickness but death itself simply by his word. He commanded Lazarus ‘Come out!’ and Lazarus came out. Even death has to obey his power. His power is infinite. Nothing can withstand it…God is life and the source of all life. God is light and the source of all light. God is love and the source of all love. Do you believe that? That's the question he is asking you today, right now at this very moment, as you hear these words that he spoke to Martha 2000 years ago. He speaking them to you now. Tell your answer now.’

Peter Kreeft, Food for the Soul, Word on Fire Publications, 230, 232.

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