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From the Memoir of Micky Harte

‘An hour of Eucharistic Adoration has become part of my daily routine these past few years….First, I thank God. I feel grateful for being in His presence. I feel His mercy and love; those gifts coming to me from the host on the altar. The Eucharist is God, Jesus Christ, body, blood, soul and divinity. No longer do I look on my belief as a story learned in childhood. My comprehension of this reality took years, and it has changed my life. If God is not there, our faith is in vain. As the Catholic American author Flannery O’Connor once said: ‘If it’s just a symbol, then to hell with it.’

(On his late daughter Michaela) I still speak with her now. I sense her presence. I loved Michaela so much when she was with us, but now I can connect with her any time. I hope and pray that she is in heaven, more alive than we are. She has become a spiritual presence for me. Michaela is there for me whenever I think of her’.

Micky Harte, From his Biography ‘DEVOTION’ Published by Harper Collins, 2021.


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