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‘If the Good News of Christianity is anything new, it is this: that death has no hidden terror, has no mystery, is not something man must fear. It is not the end of life, of the soul, of the person. Christ’s death on Calvary was not the central act of salvation; it was the resurrection that completed his victory over sin and death’.

Fr Walter Ciszek SJ, He Leadeth Me

‘In his first letter to the Corinthians, St Paul clarifies what is at stake with the doctrine of the resurrection. If it is not true, then we are the most pitiful of all people (1 Cor. 15:12-14). The stakes were high when Paul wrote this letter. they are equally high now. Christianity stands or falls on the truth of the resurrection. Being an Easter people animated with the Spirit of the risen Christ means allowing the resurrection accounts in the Gospels to speak for themselves, on their own terms. It means believing them and proclaiming them in all their power and newness. Just as a large stone could not contain the presence of Christ in the tomb, no symbol, metaphor or analogy of the resurrection can capture the power of Christ’s person, kingdom, truth and love, risen from the dead. May we not be lacking in the boldness and courage needed today to proclaim the resurrection of Christ with the same joy and conviction as the early Apostles, saints and martyrs’.

Fr Billy Swan


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