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For the feast of Corpus Christi, the following is a reflection posted at the Mass rock at Tobernalt, Co. Sligo. It reminds us of the love and devotion that our ancestors had for the Eucharist. Following that is a beautiful meditation on Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

‘Pilgrim walk softly, this is holy ground.

It has been made holy by the feet of generations

who came here to worship God,

to hear Mass, to honour Our Lady,

to pray for their needs and for peace.

Here are the memories of a poor, persecuted people,

they braved death to come.

They walked barefoot through the woods to worship in secret.

Here are memories of hunted priests,

offering Mass in this hallowed place at risk of their lives.

Will their sufferings and sacrifices be in vain?

They have handed on a torch - Let us keep that torch alight’.

‘To adore me is to demonstrate that all your hope is in me. To adore me is to show me that you count not on yourself nor on others but on me alone. To adore me is to give me the freedom to act within you and upon you in such as away as to unite you wholly to myself, as you have asked me to; my heart to your heart, my soul to your soul, my body to your body, my blood to your blood’.

In Sine Jesu, 181.

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