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The following is a beautiful sonnet that was written for Michelangelo by Vittoria Collana. Although it speaks of God's humble love coming to us in the Eucharist, the sentiment could also be applied to Jesus' Nativity for as the Lord first came down to earth as divinity in Bethlehem, so he also descends with the same humble love at every Mass.

‘Reverence holds me back, but great love urges me on to take my God under my poor roof unworthy though I am. I adore him in the Holy Sacrament where faith surges beyond sense and the unbelieving mind purge itself of its disbelief. I stand by the door, Lord, on the infinite threshold of hope, where love is, and where what is outside merges with what is within. You become part of me and slowly the boundary between you and me begins to dissolve till we see one another face to face. My God, it's too much to imagine, almost too good to be true, like the sky in its impossible blue’.

Vittoria Colana

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