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The recent government review of Ireland's abortion laws suggest that the three-day waiting period be scrapped. Yet data from the HSE shows that an average of 1,000 women a year do not return for an abortion after the 3-day wait. For example, in 2021, there were 8,284 initial consultations regarding abortion - but the number of completed abortions was recorded at 6,683. That means 1,600 women did not proceed.

The 3-day wait gives women to think - it helps them to choose life instead of abortion. As Doctors for Life said, scrapping that time to think would not just be a betrayal of voters, but a dereliction of duty to women and babies.

Most reasonable people will think fewer abortions is a GOOD thing - especially now that Stephen Donnelly has said that the number of abortions in Ireland has jumped a shocking 25% in 2022 - with 8,500 abortions in that year.

And many voters - even many YES voters - remember that Simon Coveney and Leo Varadkar and others promised that the 3-day wait would be part of the abortion law in the 2018 referendum.

For information on how to contact your local representative to express your concern and appeal to retain the thee day wait, log on


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