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By Lorcan Brennan

"Allow your heart to re-awaken to the truth of your soul feelings. I am only interested in truth and all that is happening within you must be brought from shadow into light for healing and restoration. Pray the truth of your life always. Let there be no pretence between us. Pretence does not honour our mutual love and friendship. Only what is real will reveal light and restoration. So always be true to the living, expanding melody that is our heart and soul relationship. Let our love combined be light, colour and kindness for all".

"Return to me with all your heart. Pour out your heart to me. Let our conversations be deep and lasting in love. Wait on my Word of encouragement and invitation. Do not grow despondent through listening to the inner voices that aim to break your spirit. Let only my Words of hope and comfort be your compass and guiding star. Let my peace live in your heart and overflow to all you meet through your ordinary spirit filled days."


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