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The approach of Spring is a good time to consider some spiritual spring cleaning and discarding what no longer serves our well-being. Our enjoyment of the present can be sabotaged by memories of the past. The memories we have never let go of, we drag everywhere we go, and they act like loose shoe laces that can trip us up at any time. Everything we want to see for the future is viewed through the eyes of the past and even has the power to make our tomorrows replicas of our yesterdays. The greatest burdens are usually around relationships. The memory of an ex spouse or partner can cause our stomach to tighten and our mind to race. Where releasing has taken place there should be a sense of spaciousness and ease. Releasing involves a willingness to let go of being right or being wronged. To create the bright future we want, our focus needs to change, we need to wave good-bye to what was with lightness and clarity and then look forward with hope.


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