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Lorcan Brennan

"When you are tired, rest. When your heart is weary and wretched, rest. When no word you tell yourself fosters hope, rest. When darkness seems to hold you in it's grip, rest. When you have overstretched your heart and soul to almost deep fatigue, rest. Rest in my loving heart. Rest in and through prayed and holy surrender. Rest and find life for your soul and lightness, hope and peace and all my gifts that make for praise and joy. Yes rest and find again your life complete in me. Rest, go slow. Be kind.

"Listen well. Be attuned to my prompts and inspirations. Stand silently in the spirit knowledge of being loved eternally. Leave all fear aside. Trust that love is your guide and answer. Let it be your motivation, direction and destination. Allow love to swim through your every thought and action. It is the eternal answer. It is the practical reason for putting on your shoes and walking out into the beckoning unknown with a gentle song of hope in your heart. It is the morning light, beginning".

"Be peace. Be joy and blessing in the world. Especially in those places where misunderstanding seems to work against your best intentions. Think of my love poured out across all the injustices of my own broken life on Calvary. From that broken hill of injustice, I prayed "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". Do likewise in faith and friendship. Stand with me in surrendered faith. Trust. It is my resurrected way".

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