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Lorcan Brennan

"Allow my will to be your certain way. Walk in it prayerfully with an open heart. Be my hands and feet of kindness. Be the word of hope and encouragement. Use every situation to open doors to my healing word and spirit. Your life is not about you it is about learning to know and be my will for others. The joy of my life fulfilled in and through your life will be your joy complete. It is that simple to know in spirit but challenging to action in faith. Together all is possible. Let us step out together, singing harmony".

"Do not forget your soul purpose. It is to support others to discover or re-discover their own reason for living gracefully in the world. Do not allow any distraction to draw you away from my deep hearts call upon your life. So much needs doing through writing, training and actions. All must be done prayerfully. Listen to your heart and discern its way. The secret of my way is discovered through prayed open discernment. Make time always for this process. It will allow me in to transform your soul. It will teach you all you need to know. Believe".


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