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Fr Jim Cogley

There is a well known story that has at its core our essential relationship with Spirit and the direction that much of society is heading: There was a spider who lived in an obscure life in a corner of the rafters little frequented by flies. One day he let himself down by a gossamer thread to the wider spaces below and began a new life for himself by building a much larger web. With flies queuing up to give him custom he became fat and sleek – a tycoon among spiders. He married and had many decendants. In his old age he loved to tell his grandchildren the story of his humble beginnings. One day he got carried away with a sense of pride at all he had achieved and vowed that neither he nor any of his family would ever

return to that backward place. He looked at that original thread that has made him who he was and to fulfill his vow he snapped the gossamer by which he had once come down. Suddenly the entire web collapsed around him. His empire was in ruins because he had forgotten that the entire structure was held together by that all important thread.

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