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Fr Jim Cogley

It’s a subtle art, the art of seeing, something we need to learn a lot more about and practice even more. Here I am not talking about seeing with the physical eyes, but rather seeing with the heart. Real seeing unleashes potential. It is like the sculptor who sees the statue while still locked in the block of marble. In effect this is learning to see through the eyes of unconditional love. One of the Beatitudes is ‘Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God’ – I take this to mean in everything and in everyone. ‘To the pure of heart all things are pure while to the jaundiced eye all things are yellow’. The jaundiced eye is usually caused by judgments and labeling and it may not even be yellow, but green with envy. So there is something about seeing with the heart that demands dropping the labels and forsaking all judgments. No listening or counseling encounter can work while there is even a trace of judgment towards the other. Only with uncontaminated seeing can the deeper Self of the other begin to emerge.


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