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Fr Jim Cogley

This is the oldest human characteristic whose roots are to be found in the Book of Genesis. It is even a component of what we understand as ‘Original Sin’. When God confronted Adam in the Garden, after he had eaten the forbidden fruit, he asked, ‘what have you done’? Adams response was, ‘It wasn’t me Lord it was the woman you put with me’. Eve’s response was no different, ‘It wasn’t me, it was the serpent who tempted me so I ate’. Neither were prepared to take responsibility for their wrongdoing, and as a result they were expelled from the Garden. It would seem likely from the context, that had they come out hands up admitting their sin and asking forgiveness, that they may never have been expelled. Its always easier to fix the blame than the problem, and it would seem that our greatest sins are not our obvious ones, but our attempt to cover up our sins. Blaming is a refusal to grow up; it is choosing to engage in childish behavior.


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