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Fr Jim Cogley

Our Christian faith for far too long has been presented in terms of adherence to rules and regulations and thereby achieve salvation. Because of this it is absolutely necessary to rethink this position by going back to our source as presented in the Scriptures. There is no denying that to do so will demand courage and pose a challenge that many will not undertake. The parable of the Workers in the Vineyard is just one of many that encapulates this truth. Some of the workers are hired in the morning and promised a denarius as their wage. At different times others are hired with the same terms, even for those hired at the eleventh hour. Then comes the test when the master begins with the last to be hired and gives them the same wage as the first. Understandably they are grieved at not getting more for ‘their efforts.’ This seems to be the whole point of the parable; that divine rewards are meted out on the basis of God’s generosity and not in terms of our efforts or merits.


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