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With Dr. Gianna Molla

In this video talk, Dr Gianna Molla shares the story of her parents’ love through their many letters and their devotion to Our Lord that solidified their union. Her mother was the late St Gianna Molla who (4 October 1922 – 28 April 1962) who was an Italian pediatrician. Although aware of the fatal consequences, Molla refused both a termination of pregnancy and a hysterectomy during her pregnancy with her fourth child. Molla's medical career followed the teachings of the Church; she believed in following her conscience while coming to the aid of others who required assistance. Gianna also dedicated herself to charitable work amongst the elderly and was involved in Catholic Action; she was also a committed member of the Saint Vincent de Paul society.

Gianna's beatification was celebrated in 1994 and she was canonized as a saint a decade later in 2004 in Saint Peter's Square.

In this video, her daughter tells us more about her extraordinary life.


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