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The recent broadcast of the documentary on RTE “The Last Priest in Ireland” and the subsequent “Upfront with Katie Hannon” generated a considerable national discussion about the church, priesthood and vocations. Many people of faith around the country often ask about vocations to the priesthood.

• What is being done?

• What can be done?

• What can they do to promote vocations?

• What is likely to happen in the future?

On Tuesday 5th March, a Vocations Webinar will be help online, hosted by 'The Hook of Faith'. The aim of this webinar is to give air to many of these questions and to provide encouragement and suggestions to those who are concerned about vocations as to how they can create a culture of vocations in their parishes.

All are welcome to take part. All you need to do is to send an email to and you will receive the zoom link


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