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Fr Jim Cogley

Most of us find that we get angry with someone from time to time, and for a variety of reasons. So often it is not so much who they are, but who he or she represents that is the issue. A parent, brother or sister, teacher or friend with whom we had problems with can and will reappear with a different face. A father who was angry and controlling becomes the boss I can’t stand. The sibling I was compared with becomes the work colleague who makes me feel inferior. Often I am tempted to run away from someone I’m having problems with but usually I bring the problem with me and the same issue will inevitable reappear until I face it squarely and integrate it properly. One thing that is worth noting in relation to being angry with someone is the way that nothing he or she does will find favor in my sight. As I look at that person through the eyes of anger, it blinds me both to their good and to their shadow side.


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