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The celebration of Easter is about the celebration of new life - first and foremost that of Christ the risen Lord, the source of our joy and our hope. But it is also the time of new life in the world of nature with spring lambs being born, calves, new flowers and fresh growth in the gardens and in the fields.

This light of new life pierces a darkness in our land that many would rather ignore. The reason they do so is because there are inconvenient truths that have arisen in our land that are disturbing and shocking. These truths surround the repeal of the 8th Amendment following the referendum on 2018 and the consequences of removing the Constitutional right to life of the unborn in Ireland. We now have a shocking rise in the number of fatalities through abortion - over 8,000. We now have a horrific statistic from the Rotonda Hospital in Dublin recently that confirmed that 95% of unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are now aborted.

In the run up to the referendum, the Taoiseach at the time told the country that if repeal took place then abortion would be safe, legal and rare. Pro-Life people argued that if repeal happened then we would quickly, de facto, be sponsoring eugenics where a child is destroyed if they are deemed imperfect. And so it has come to pass. Make no mistake, this is a darkness over our land. Yet the light of life and truth pushes it back. So too does the voice and conscience of people who refuse to look the other way and ignore the facts.

In the article below, Niamh Ui Bhriain reflects on the current situation in Ireland and then in another article from Word on Fire, Mark Bradford outlines the widespread practise of eugenics in the United States.



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