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Fr Jim Cogley

I used to be uncomfortable in silence. I’ve grown used to silence especially living alone, I even welcome it. Being in silence actually takes me beyond my self absorption, self centredness and my mistaken idea that I’m self reliant. It makes an opening into a world in travail, a world of mystery. According to Elizabeth Caldwell “Unless we are involved in naming the evil in the world we could slip into the silence of racism, sexism and ageism.”. I’m beginning to see that what we don’t name we enable. That’s very challenging. Silence does have meaning, there are silent forces around us, clouds, stars the moon, all have a purpose and something to teach us. It’s not just an absence sound, it’s not necessarily about ears but a mind event. I choose to be in silence which can be creative, but imposed silence forced upon someone can drive people mad. It seems to open up a brand new world, a new way of seeing.


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