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Fr Jim Cogley

There are very few who don’t have a problem with anger, even those who don’t ever show any signs. The 3 A’s of Anger is a piece of wisdom that has served me well for many years and others I have shared it with say they found very useful.

A – Acknowledge that you are angry and never judge yourself because of being that way. Never say ‘I should not be feeling like this’. Acknowledgement is the opposite of denial and suppression.

A – Admit it into your life as a friend and don’t treat it as an enemy. Our habitual approach is usually the opposite, where we treat it as an unwelcome visitor.

A – Act it out creatively and never destructively, on yourself or anyone else. Find a creative outlet for the emotion. It may be a hobby but it could also be walking, writing, gardening or cleaning.

A – Abandon it. There is a time to let go and we call it forgiveness.

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