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A poem for his mother, by Sean O' Leary

What is the world to her now?

Where is her place as time and space collide?

At home waiting for her Mammy, working abroad,

Talking, reading, caring, finding purpose

The young girl sneaking from the house to play by the river,

The hard-working wife driving home,

The Mother with plans and dreams,

Busy with life

The bathroom mirror telling lies,

Friendships that elude her,

Losing track of things, never sure,

A house of unremembered objects

Where do all the prayers go?

The contours of a life so easily lost,

The past swapping places with the future,

Becoming mystery

Where does she go from here?

Will it work out for her?

She reaches for her Rosary with hope,

Her faith resounding with the ring of life

What’s it all about? Even so,

Putting out into the deep,

To listen to the stirrings of Presence,

Celebrating love beyond measure

And dwelling loosely upon the earth,

Following prayers along eternal echoes,

Out over the soft horizon towards new life,

Where God remembers


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