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During this time of lockdown we are being forced to dig deeper and look for resources from within our inner well. The following are pieces of wisdom that can be applied in any time of crisis

When trouble comes, and you can do something about, it then rise to the challenge and don’t get too bothered about it. When trouble comes and you can’t do anything about it then you are not going to do yourself any good by letting it trouble you.

When trouble comes knocking on your door fear is close behind.

Fear of something happening is to live as if it has already happened.

Fear of loss is loss itself.

Fear of sickness is to be sick.

Fear of poverty is poverty itself.

Fear of the future is to live in the future.

Fear of living is living death.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

The thing we fear tends to come upon us. It creates its own reality.

In forcing us to live in the future it removes us from the present, from presence and from provision.

Fear doubts the supply of tomorrow’s bread and fails to see today’s delivery.

Fr Jim Cogley


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