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A website providing information and resources for the Diocese of Ferns, Ireland

The website for The Holy See, providing up to date news and information about the Holy Father..

A website founded by Bishop Robert Barron, Proclaiming Christ in the Culture...

We are not Alone...

On this page you will find links to other websites which have resources or information that might be useful or helpful.  If you've found one that you think our vistors would like please email us and we might share it...

The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference (also known as the Irish Episcopal Conference) website

Our hope for is that it will become the equivalent of the RTE player or BBC iPlayer for the Irish Church (or if you prefer our own Netflix)

A website that assists in the application of the key elements and principles of Christianity to daily life and individual and societal behaviour.

A website that provides all the information on the programme of events through to how to get involved.

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