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'Rejoice in all that is given to you so freely. Another day under my protection. Breathe in the joy of all that surrounds you. Be glad in your home and family. Celebrate your life. Your lived sense of place. All of it surrounds you with pointers and memories of my love for you. Go out into the Spring air. My world promise of resurrection shines out from every shrub and new born leaf. They all whisper..... This is your beginning. This day, right now, start again in my strength and inspiration. Yes, look around your blessed life. Love it all. Watch it's blossoming anew.

A new day. Make the most of my light and sunshine through these winter moments. Pay attention. Open your eyes and heart to the emerging signs of life. See already the small shoots of resurrection. Go out into your day under the awakened sense of my universes gifts and promises. Be rooted in the sense that all in your life is gifted. Your very breath is freely given. Stop. Be aware. Breathe me in deeply. I am every molecule and atom of your life. I fill you up with the living presence of NOW and eternal things.'

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