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H-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R!!!

Wishing all our followers a very


H is for Health – that we may stay healthy and well in the year ahead. But if sickness comes our way, may we bear it patiently with love and compassion for others who are sick too.

A is for Awareness – that we be aware of how we are, who we are, how others are around us, our fellow parishioners, neighbours, friends, citizens and people from all over the world.

P is for prayer – that we may commit ourselves to daily prayer, especially in the morning and at night, asking God’s blessing for the day ahead and thanking Him for the day ending.

P is for peace. On this World Day of Peace we hope for the gift of peace for ourselves, our families and for the world.

Y is for You. Whoever You are, we say that You are important and matter to me. I don’t want to live for myself but also for You.

N is for Needs. May I not be so caught up in my own needs that I am blind to those around me.

E is for Earth. Our planet is hurting. May 2020 be the year when we take climate change seriously and allow the earth to heal.

W is for Word – God’s Word that comes first. May we listen to his Word and live his Word this year.

Y is For Yes – On this feast of Mary the Mother of God, may we say ‘Yes’ to God like she did for all He asks of us this year.

E is for Experience. May we truly experience the love of God this year. May those who have no sense of God’s love in their lives be touched and moved.

A is for Anointing. May we be anointed with the Holy Spirit at the beginning of 2020 and be joyful witnesses to the Gospel.

R is for Right Worship. May we begin 2020 by getting our lives of worship back on track. Who do we love most? Who do we worship? God or the things of God? Let’s put God back in first place and put aside our false gods. Come back to Eucharist, to the way God asks us to be loved by Him.

So once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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