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Companion for the Journey 24/3/20

Setting out on a long journey its important to have a suitable travel companion. For this reason many set out together but return alone having discovered that they were never compatible in the first place. My primary companion as I set out on this Corona journey is myself. I may need a compatibility check!

Am I comfortable with silence or do I always need noise and distractions?

Does the TV have an off button?

Can I sit still for very long, or am I always restless and on the go?

If my habitual reply to how are you is, ‘getting there’, where was I going?

What do I say to myself when others are not around? How is my inner dialogue?

How comfortable am I in relation to my past or do I beat myself up over it?

Am I as kind to myself as I try to be with others?

Do I always need something to complain about?

Am I a blamer who always needs something to complain about.

Do I tend to be my own judge and jury?

Are my faults more obvious to me than my gifts?

Do I like who I have become?

Many of us may have been far too busy until now to even consider such basic questions. Yet the quality of our lives and our level of contentment depends on the answers.

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