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Jesus’ Resurrection

challenges us -

To open our hearts to the miracle of new life

To the wonder of transcendence

To the beauty of transformation.

To not remain stranded in grief.

To arise from the ashes of defeat and disappointment.

Jesus Resurrection

invites us -

To allow Jesus, by his Spirit to do for us, through us and in us

More than we can ever ask or dream or imagine.

It invites us to love again after our love has been rejected.

It invites us to trust again after our trust has been betrayed.

It invites us to hope again after our hopes have been shattered.

It invites us to believe again after our faith has been shaken.

Jesus Resurrection

awakens us

To see Divinity in the Ordinary

To see endings as new beginnings

To the freedom of non-clinging

To the awesome wonder of ourselves

Jesus Resurrection

Teaches us

To look beyond appearances

Like Mary of Magdala to call him ‘Master’

As Mary had believed

She now saw that which she believed

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