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Yesterday we focused on looking at traditional ways of discerning whether a message or word from the Lord is genuine or not. Ultimately its only when we look back over several years of having acted upon the word that we can see clearly from its fruits just how genuine it really was. Here allow me to offer an example. As most of you are aware I work a lot with creating symbols in wood that I use in preaching, giving seminars and also as illustrations in the Wood You Believe Series of books. It was during my late forties, while preaching a Christmas sermon that I heard a whisper of spirit that said; go to the wood. It carried a sense of authority and remained with me so I began to act on it in the only way I could think of. I cleaned out a garage and bought myself a lathe and began to turn wood with surprising results. Initially the word didn’t make sense; I had no background in wood; had never been to a woodwork class and had never seen anybody use a lathe. Yet from the moment I began it was as if an explosion of creativity erupted within me and it felt as if I had been doing this work all my life. How that work has unfolded will be continued tomorrow.

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