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Continuing from yesterday, my facility to work with the lathe and to create very complex pieces of work took me completely by surprise. After six months I had an exhibition and sold the pieces which raised nearly five thousand euro for children that had been orphaned through Aids in Uganda. For several years later the local community continued to fundraise and raise a similar amount for the same charity. This was administered by a medical missionary sister who was working on the ground. I was engaged in secondary school teaching at the time and very quickly began to notice the improved level of interest in class when I would bring in a piece as a teaching aid. At the end of the year when asked what pupils remembered most it would invariably be some of the symbols used. From this I could see the possibility of creating a huge range of symbols that could be used as visual aids in preaching and teaching. Now nearly twenty years later I have hundreds of symbols that are suitable for use in a myriad of ways and with all sorts of topics. Particularly while giving a seminar I bring quite a large display and they add richness to the work that makes each presentation quite unique.

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