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An elderly farmer was visiting his friend in town. While walking down a crowded street he stopped and said, listen to the sound of that cricket. His friend was amazed and said how can you possibly hear a cricket above all the noise and traffic. Easy he said, just watch. Taking some coins from his pocket he let them fall on the pavement. They didn’t make much noise but lots of people stopped in their tracks and followed the sound. You see, said the old man, it’s only a question of attunement. Becoming sensitive to the whispers of the spirit is an art we can acquire and refine. Usually that whisper carries a sense of excitement and often a challenge that will move us out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it feels like a strong intuition or a hunch. It’s when we don’t argue with the hunch that we see how important it was and the way it protected us. Driving early one morning as I approached a bend I had a sudden intuition to slow down and keep well in to my side of the road. Just then a car came speeding round the corner in the middle of the road driven by someone who was either drunk or high on something. That kind of word always has our best interests at heart.

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