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A great contribution that the Charismatic Renewal could have made to life in the mainstream church was the Prayer of Praise. Unfortunately the significance of this got lost, even to itself. The great story of faith in action from the Gospels is Jesus walking the water and inviting Peter to walk with him. This demanded a suspension of his rational thinking and the courage to step out of the boat. Once he did his faith sustained him, but only so long as he remained focused. Once he slipped back into thinking mode he began to look away from Christ; then fear replaced faith and he began to sink. Once he was above the wind and the waves but suddenly he was below them. Our circumstances tend to be like a mattress; above them we can rest easily while below them we smother. The essential faith position is to always see ourselves above rather than below. Traditional devotions and petitionary prayers can become an unconscious way of remaining in the boat of our comfort zone while reluctant to walk the water of faith. This is where there is safety but none of the vibrancy that comes from real faith. Life is never found within the safety of the comfort zone but only when we get beyond the edge. We can’t walk on water until we step out of the boat.

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