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The Acts of the Apostles; the story of the infant church, contains many wonderful stories about the remarkable effects of faith when it is exercised. One worth reflection comes from Chapter 16, where Paul and Silas having been preaching the Word, encounter hostility from the crowd; they get arrested and thrown into prison. As if this wasn’t bad enough the magistrate gives orders for them to be flogged and their feet to be fastened to a stake. Their prison is underground with very little light and a jailer is appointed to stand guard over them. This was the ultimate lockdown! After such a miserable day, when everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, we would expect to find them, either sleeping, feeling sorry for themselves or bemoaning their terrible misfortune. Not so. At midnight they were singing hymns, proclaiming the victory of God, while being listened to by their fellow prisoners. Suddenly their faith reality became their faith experience. An earthquake rocks the place opening all doors and freeing all chains. The freedom they proclaimed in faith became the freedom that extended to all around them. Even the jailer, relieved to find that his charges had not escaped, came to faith and asks if he too can be saved.

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