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To truly live a life of Spirit, there are two major factors that need to be completely eliminated from our lives. These are feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Catholics have majored in guilt to the extent that many suffer from ‘Catholic Alzheimer’s’. This is where we forget everything except the guilt! Similarly we can cling to a sense of unworthiness as if it were a badge of honour, rather than being the faith inhibitor that it is. Guilt makes us live in the past with the mistaken belief that if we beat ourselves up enough over our perceived wrongs we can make up for them. While it makes us live in the past it robs us of hope for the future and doesn’t allow us to practice faith in the present. It is by faith that we have been forgiven; it’s always past tense and to release ourselves from its tyranny we need the humility to forgive ourselves. Similarly to beat our chest and say I am not worthy is to deny the fuller truth that Christ, by his death on the Cross, has made me worthy. To appreciate our baptism and what it means to be in Christ is to realize that it is our birthright to live our lives completely free form either guilt or unworthiness.

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