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A child’s first experience of God as father comes directly from its own father. A cold and distant father relationship can result in a similar view of God. Having has a punishing and exacting father will likely result in seeing God no differently. For this reason so many are unable to pray the Our Father because it brings up so many memories from childhood of how badly they were treated by their natural father. Usually such individuals have no such difficulty praying to Jesus. One lady when asked what her image of God was she replied; that He was a being whose expectations of her were so high and whose opinion of her was so low that she always felt as if she were living under his frown. Clearly she was not talking about God as Father but about how she had experienced her relationship with her own father. Healing such Father wounds from childhood is an absolute necessity as we journey towards adult faith maturity since there is nothing that affects us more deeply than our image of God.

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