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Passivity often masquerades as Christianity. The meek and mild individual who takes everything on the chin and never stands up for themselves is sometimes classed as a real saint. The passive approach is to deny ones own voice and keep silent; least said soonest mended, and anything for a quiet life becomes the motto. Yet to not say what needs to be said, the problem is set to continue and in some cases the person responsible is left unaware of the hurt he or she may be causing. The passive person takes everything in with the approach of let sleeping dogs lie. However they do get hungry and eventually wake up. What was buried for so long can now manifest as depression and sickness. In the piece shown the spikes are loose and appear to go in but the reality is that they always come out underneath just as the passive person’s anger will also manifest in an underhand way. The truth is that to be passive is to lack self-respect.

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