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We speak of the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament but what about being really present to ourselves and to others? The pre-Corona pace of life for so many was so fast that very few of us were present to either. We were literally passing ourselves by and had outpaced our souls. The subsequent emptiness created meant that we had to become even busier to alleviate our loneliness and circumvent our sense of emptiness. A mother who was a real busy bee and always on the go was shocked to the core when her eight year old daughter said one day; ‘Mummy I really miss you, even when you are at home.’ Clearly in the little girls experience the mother, even when she was with her, was already somewhere else. It is never our physical presence but the quality of out presence that really matters. Could it be that what the Spirit asks of us more than anything else is that we simply learn to be present to ourselves and to become more conscious of how we are present to others.

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