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On Sunday 21st January this year, Pope Francis announced at the mid-day Angelus:

"Dear brothers and sisters, the next few months will lead us to the opening of the Holy Door, with which we will begin the Jubilee. I ask you to intensify your prayers, in order to prepare ourselves to live this event of grace well, and to experience the strength of God’s hope. Therefore, today we begin the Year of Prayer; that is, a year dedicated to rediscovering the great value and absolute need for prayer in personal life, in the life of the Church, and in the world. We will also be helped in this by the resources that the Dicastery for Evangelization will provide".

Please find below one of these important resources provided by the Dicastery for Evangelization. It is a publication called 'Teach Us To Pray: Living the Year of Prayer in Preparation for the Jubilee Year 2025'.

For full access to this important document, click below:


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