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On 5th May, Bishop Denis Nulty launched Accord’s first online counselling service to support individuals and couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships. To support this initiative, Accord has commissioned a new digital media and local radio advertising campaign across the country – see list below – to promote its online counselling service to prospective clients.

During May, the following advertisement will be broadcast on radio: ‘Accord counsellors can help if your family relationships are under stress. For online or in person counselling visit If you can’t talk to each other, talk to Accord. Supported by Tusla, Child and Family Agency.’ A digital advertisement campaign promoting the Accord online service will be promoted on Facebook and Instagram.

Welcoming the new service, Bishop Nulty, President of Accord CLG, said, “For the first time in our near sixty years service, Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service CLG is now operating its specialist counselling services online to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to travel to an Accord centre to access in person counselling.

“All Accord counsellors are professionally trained in the specialism of couples and relationships counselling. Our counsellors providing the new online service have completed additional, comprehensive training accredited by the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) to ensure that the standards of client care and quality of professional service in online counselling match those of Accord CLG’s in-person service.

“Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions saw a number of interruptions to many essential services and we know that care for all aspects of marriage and family life simply cannot be put on hold. In launching the new online counselling service we hope to maximise accessibility to individuals and couples experiencing challenges in their relationships, even if they are unable to physically travel to see us,” Bishop Nulty said.

For best results, couples or individuals seeking online counselling with Accord CLG are advised to have in place an uninterrupted, confidential space that has stable broadband, as well as a PC, laptop or iPad/tablet. Couples living in the same household may join their online counselling sessions on a shared device. The new service will also meet the needs of couples who may be living apart and need to join the counselling sessions from their separate locations.

Online counselling appointments can be accommodated every day from 9.30am through to 9.30pm. Those interested in availing of the service should access or make contact with Accord CLG’s administration team on



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