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Fr Jim Cogley

My enquiry into the essential nature of Christianity led way beyond a simplistic understanding of just being a good person and practicing kindness to my fellow human beings. I began to understand baptism as a radical call to surrender and if my parents had once said yes on my behalf I still needed to face the challenge to make my own act of surrender and accept Christ into my heart as Lord of my life. For a while I heard clearly the invitation offered in Revelations, ‘Behold I stand at your door and knock.’ Later when I thought about Confirmation, I realized that even if the gift of the Holy Spirit had been given, while at a young age, I still had to receive it. From grappling with these challenges, and responding to them, my journey into the Christian mystery began to come alive. It was now Christ in me that was my hope of glory, and I began to see my Christian call as the outliving of the indwelling Christ.

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